Cudgegong Youth Theatre presents an energetic, youthful production of Shakespeare's classic love story, bringing it to the modern day where the daughters of two warring families are drawn together by an ill-fated passion.

Josie McConnell plays Romeo, a young lady of the Montague family, who falls in love at first sight  with Bethany Haysom’s Juliet.
The two can only marry in secret, and their union is torn apart by the ongoing feud between the  Capulets and Montagues.
“The production has an amazing energy and playfulness to it,” said Sam.
“With the nurse as Juliet’s best friend, and Romeo with her group of buddies, there’s a thrilling exuberance in the scenes of the bandying young friends, as well as great tenderness in the scenes between the lovers.
“Then there are also violent knife fights, raw emotion, love and hate – it’s all in there.”

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