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Mr Bailey’s Minder

A play by Debra Oswald concerning the relationship that develops between burnt out artist, Leo Bailey and his minder, Therese.

Leo may be one of Australia’s living treasures, but he is also a cantankerous, old alcoholic, who is so nasty that his family and former friends will have nothing to do with him. Therese is the latest in a series of minders who have been employed by Leo’s resentful daughter as Leo is no longer capable of looking after himself. No one lasts long in the abusive and decrepit environment of Leo’s house, but having recently been released from gaol, Therese is determined to make the best of her limited options.

Not Suitable for children. Contains strong language.

Performances at Mudgee Town Hall Theatre September 7.30pm 13, 14, 18, 20, 21 and 2.30pm September 21.

Wine (from our friends at Thistle Hill) and cheese will be served at 7pm before opening night (13th Sept) and again on Wednesday 18th September.

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